As of 1 June 2021, the moratorium on the eviction of residential tenants has now been lifted. This means that landlords who have possession orders can now proceed as normal with obtaining an eviction date with the bailiffs to remove their tenants.

However, all residential landlords should be aware that there is a significant backlog of cases, and it remains to be seen how quickly new eviction dates can be obtained.

Is everything back to normal?

The short answer is no.

Although the ban on evictions has ended, other restrictions remain in place, albeit to a lesser extent than before.

For example, the longer notice periods required for section 21 notices and most section 8 notices have not returned to pre-coronavirus levels, but those notices that previously required 6 months now only require a 4-month notice period, and there is a timetable for these to return back to the usual 2 months later this year.

However, in the case of section 8 notices served in respect of rental arrears, where there is at least the equivalent of 4 months’ rent outstanding then the notice period is now only required to be 4 weeks.

What about commercial property?

Unfortunately, the moratorium on commercial property possession actions remains in place until 30 June and we are waiting to hear from the government what they intend to do after its expiry.

To discuss the specifics of your matter and how these changes might affect you, please get in touch with our Property Litigation team.

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