Solomon Taylor & Shaw has acted for owner entrepreneurs selling their companies for more than 40 years.

We understand that owner entrepreneurs are very good at running their business but may have no experience of what the sale process involves. Our job is to explain how the transaction will progress, the likely timeline and what the owner entrepreneur can expect.

We recognize that selling your company is not just a legal process but an emotional experience as you embark on the sale of the company you have spent many years developing. Throughout the process we will be with you to support you and guide you to a successful conclusion.

There is a lot to explain about how your transaction will progress. Many factors will impact on this including the number of shareholders who are selling their shares and the identity of the buyer and whether the buyer is a cash buyer or raising finance to do the acquisition.

A buyer will want to see a huge amount of information about the company which the seller has to compile. We would expect to see that information saved in a data room to which the buyer and its advisers can have access. A seller should not underestimate the time this takes. The sale process is a full-time job on its own and each seller will be under great pressure to run his business whilst at the same time going through the sale process and maintaining its confidentiality.

If you are selling your company Raymond Taylor or Colin Nahon would be delighted to meet with you to take you through the process in detail and how we can help you achieve a successful sale.

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